Free Shopping Friday

Free Shopping Friday is here and today I’m going to tell you about a great little app that helps me earn more free Amazon gift cards!

It’s called Free My Apps. It’s an app created to test out new free apps for points. Again, if you are signing up for this app, would you please use my referral link? Every little bit does make a difference!!

After you download the app, it will give you apps to download and try. Free My Apps will work with any idevice or android. Once you download the app (most are free and be sure it is free before you download) run it for 30 seconds to get the points. Each app is usually 100-130 points. A $1 Amazon gift card can be redeemed for 300 points, so it usually takes about 3 apps to earn $1. After I have received the credit, I just delete the app from my iPad (or you could keep it if you like it!) I started using Free My Apps in October 2012 and I have made around $100 in Amazon gift cards. Yesterday I made $3 using it!

Are you earning money/gift cards from a particular site/app? If so, please share your methods in the comments below!!


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    What a cool way to earn a few bucks!

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