The SnapAppy

This Friday’s Free Shopping tip is the Old Navy SnapAppy! This post is only relevant if you have an Old Navy close by (it can’t be used online) and if you have an idevice or Android with a camera. The following instructions are for an idevice, as that’s what we have.

Step 1: Download the Old Navy SnapAppy

Step 2: Find an Old Navy Logo. I’m a nerd and save an Old Navy tag in my kitchen cupboard just for this purpose. But you could use one from clothing, the Old Navy ad, or do a Google search.

Step 3: Run the app. A screen will first appear that looks like this:


Step 4: Click on “snap.” You’ll want to have your camera pointed at the logo. When you snap it, a wheel starts spinning, like a slot machine.


Step 5: You’ll land on different pictures. You’re looking for the “snap 5 Red take $5 off a purchase of $5 or more” but at first you’ll probably land on a tile like this:


I just click “no thanks” and keep playing.

Step 6: One of two things can happen- you can use all of your chances up for the day and become “snapped out” which looks like this:


Or you could land on a Snap 5 and win $5:


If you land on Snap 5 be sure to save it to your surprises!!!!
Dustin and I both land on Snap 5 once a week, giving us $10 a week in Old Navy merchandise. Note, do not redeem the coupon until you are in the store!! The app will work without internet! We take our devices to the store and the cashier scans the coupon at checkout. Thats all it takes to walk out of the store with loads of merchandise without paying a cent!! Old Navy kids’ clothes are usually marked down below $5. And here’s a hint: the item doesn’t have to be $5- it will work on stuff less than $5 as well!! It’s also great for picking up little gifts here and there.

So, everyday, we Snap 5, hoping that its the winning day! Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work right away. Everyone I know who has tried it has gotten one Snap 5 per week. Ooh, and see that “goodie bag” tile above?? I’ve never landed on it, but I heard there are great surprises in it, like a $50 shopping spree!!

So get snappin’!!!!!



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2 responses to “The SnapAppy

  1. Juliet

    I have had so much fun with this app since you told me about a few weeks ago! We had our shopping trip today, and I also had two Snap 5’s since I had 2 devices. For the first Snap 5 coupon I got 4 pairs of Toddler girl socks and a pair of Toddler jelly shoes (we actually had $.55 left over). For the second coupon we got a pair of boys flip-flops and a backpack.

    So not only am I getting FREE stuff, but I am hunting down the clearance items, so I am really making that $5 work for me!!

    I am really hoping for the ever elusive “Goodie Bag” too!

    Now I need to get my husband to let me load the app on his phone :-)

    Thanks for your terrific advice!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful app. Now to see if I can download something on my Android…

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