Freezer/Pantry Challenge

So I’m on sort of a clean-out/donate/minimalist/pay things off kick this week. With our tax refund, we paid off Dustin’s car yesterday (3, 2, 1… We’re car debt free!!!!) and we also paid off the remaining balance from the birth of our son in August (thank you cesarean section). We had about $2000 leftover to throw at our next snowball- a small ACS student loan which will hopefully be paid off completely by the summer. All of this paying off stuff has motivated me to see how we can become even leaner in our daily lives in hopes that we can find a few “snowflakes” to throw at debt. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dave Ramsey’s term “snowflake,” it means finding little unexpected chunks of money to add to your debt snowball.

So I got to thinking- our freezer is looking mighty full and our pantry seems stocked with quite a few odds and ends- why don’t I challenge myself to not spend any grocery money (with the exception of one gallon of milk because we are almost out) until our next payday- Feb 15? Right now, I have $176 sitting in my grocery envelope. I’ll take out $5 for the milk, and if I meet my challenge, I should be able to throw an extra $171 at our snowball. I’m pretty sure I can do it, as I love to be challenged!

I got so motivated this morning by my challenge that I made a complete list of fridge, freezer, and pantry inventory. It is pages long!!! Who knew we had all that food!!?? Now we need to eat it!

I will keep track of what we have made and eaten (and hopefully NOT spent) and update you all on the 15th! Anybody want to join me in this challenge??

Ooh, and don’t forget to check out my Free Shopping Friday post tomorrow to see how I turn a simple Old Navy tag into free wardrobes for both of my children!!



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3 responses to “Freezer/Pantry Challenge

  1. Sue

    so funny. I was thinking of you today and also have been making myself use food from our stocks instead of going to the store. I like that snowflake term. It sounds so positive rather than thinking of it as a sacrifice. Do you like to cook from scratch? I like a site for recipes called “”. Making things like our own bread and biscuits and gravy gives us snowflakes. I even made crackers (hint.. roll them very thin) Old fashioned or Quick Oats are way cheaper than boxed cereals…. I cook it with raisins and cinnamon and also make my own granola. And here is an idea I like …. if you keep funding your food envelope even though you are not spending it all….. you can build up enough to buy a quarter of a beef or half a hog from a local farmer and eat ‘healthy’ as well as save money at the grocery store. A quarter of a beef might cost about $425.00, and half a hog might be around $325.00. So I guess these kinds of snowflakes even taste good. LOL And I think I made snowflakes today when I cut up old T-shirts for rags.

    • Sue, the meals in our freezer are actually all from scratch. What I usually do is make a double batch of something, eat half and freeze the other half…huge savings. I also make up slow cooker freezer meals. I toss all ingredients for the slowcooker in a freezer bag, freeze, and then just pop it in the slowcooker the morning of. It’s great for awesome home cooked meals when you have 2 little ones. I usually make up around 12 of these at a time. Been making my own bread, biscuits, since we’ve been married. Made crackers before but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle/cost. We’ve thought about buying large quantities of beef from a farmer. We eat more vegetarian meals than meat, so I’m not sure if that would work for us, but i would love to try it. Plus with all of my freezer meals, we probably wouldn’t have much space in our small chest freezer. Another thing I have recently been doing is instead of composting or throwing away veg ends and scraps- I toss them in a bag in the freezer. When the bag is full- it makes great veggie stock!! Sounds like your house is pretty “lean” and you are very resourceful! Love talking to like-minded frugies. The tshirts were definitely snowflakes!! Makes you wonder why anyone would buy rags!! :)

  2. Sue

    Also congrats on being car debt free…..yaaaaayh!! I liked a bumper sticker I saw on an older model…. ‘Don’t laugh, mine’s paid for.’

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