Free Shopping Friday

So now I’m going to tell you about my favorite kind of shopping…free shopping. I’ve only been at this for a few months, but it astounds me what I am actually able to get for free from places or websites I would usually frequent anyway. Before, when people would mention free shopping, I would think of those extreme couponers who buy $56,432 worth of groceries that they will never use for $4.35 and stockpile their basements full of Oreos and hairspray for the apocalypse. I just wasn’t into it. But after doing a little research on the subject, I have been able to get quite a few things for free that have been put to good use and it satisfies that small need for Dustin and I to have some retail and eating out therapy without the any of the hefty price tags. In fact, I usually end up not even spending my “blow” money for the pay period because I have shopped for free.

My great idea is to post a free shopping deal or method every Friday. I’m really good at getting excited about something in the beginning and then letting it slide after awhile, so I hope that I can continue to do this every Friday. There are certainly enough deals out there to do so! Like with everything frugal- free shopping requires discipline. When companies offer something for free it is most definitely just to lure your into their store to buy other things. Most people are afraid that they will come off as a cheapskate and end up purchasing something else because they don’t want to be embarrassed. I can only understand this if it is a small ‘”mom and pop” kind of place where the people you are buying from most likely are the owners of the establishment. Dustin and I never free shop at those sort of places because they are usually struggling as it is to stay afloat. We free shop at multi million/billion dollar companies that usually overprice their merchandise and take advantage of most of their customers anyway. Why be embarrassed? You were smart enough to find your deals and in my experience, the cashiers usually think its pretty cool. I’ll warn you though, it does feel strange at first to walk out of a store with merchandise and not have paid a cent. It takes a while to break that retail habit.

Since January 1st, I’ve been keeping a list of everything I’ve gotten for free. I hope to do this all year long and celebrate my accomplishments on New Year’s Eve.

My list so far:

Free Stuff 2013

Red box rental
Ingrid leggings
Ingrid turtleneck
Ingrid socks
Duplo blocks
Small silverware sets
Down alternative comforter
Auntie Anne’s pretzel
Ingrid shirt
Hat & Mitten set Ingrid
Flannel shirt Simon
Socks Ingrid
Redbox rental
$1 amazon card
Photo shoot & 16×20 family photo from Sears
$5 amazon card
$5.20 Starbucks card
$1 amazon card
4 samples of Airborne
$1 Amazon Card
$5 Amazon Card
$1 Amazon Card
$1 Amazon Card
$2 Amazon Card
Simon pajama set
Simon pajama set
Bath and body works lotion
Bath and body works lotion
Auntie Anne’s Pretzel
Redbox rental
$5 Starbucks Card
3 Atkins Bars
Atkins frozen entree
$5 Starbucks card
$1 Amazon card
Panera pastry
Valley Dairy Hot Cocoa & cookie
Arby’s Triple Hot Chocolate

And so the Free Shopping Friday Deal today is a Free Triple Hot Chocolate at Arby’s

Enjoy!! :)



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7 responses to “Free Shopping Friday

  1. Sue

    I personally do not have time to search for these sort of items, but I agree they are designed to get you into “their” establishment so you WILL spend money there. I always ask myself one question….. am I spending money needlessly to take advantage of this free-be or coupon or deal? Like…. did I just drive 3 miles out of my way for a free hot chocolate when I could have made one at home for cheaper than the cost of the gas I just used??
    I know a lady who will drive 15 miles to get her ‘Turkey-on-sale’ and get the rest of her groceries nearer home. Makes no cents!! But I agree, free is fun if it really is a savings and if the item is a benefit to you.

    • We never go out of our way, unless it is really worth it. We live in an area that has many stores and restaurants, so everything is always on the way/near something else. We enjoy it :)

  2. uniquelyauthentic

    I’ll be looking forward to your Friday posts!

  3. Sue

    was not looking but this was just there in front of me today….

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